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Early Minton Porcelain Plate – Hand Painted Nesting Blue Bird – dated 1891-1902


Minton Hand Painted Porcelain Plate of a Blue Bird with Eggs in its Nest – dated 1891-1902

This decorative plate is expertly hand painted over a white background featuring a nesting blue bird, wings outstretched as to protect its eggs. The branch it is perched upon is entwined with a blooming white morning glory. The smooth round edge is trimmed with a scalloped gold accent. Measures 9 1/8 inches in diameter. Marked in puce, crown over globe with Mintons banner dating the plate between 1891 to 1902. Impressed with M, a triangle, I and Mintons. Exceptional condition for a 125 year old plate, no chips, no cracks or repairs.



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