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Multi-Coloured Beaded Evening Bag, Gold Tone Embossed Frame, Adjustable Metal Chain, Decorated with Green Beads


A gorgeous beaded evening bag with patterns in different shades of green, red, blue, purple and pink on a soiled white background. The bag has an embossed gold-tone metal frame and an adjustable metal chain. The chain may either be one long chain or doubled over for a shorter chain.

The top of the frame is decorated with green beads (untested bakelite?) and the plunger opening is a large green bead. There are also two additional green beads dangling on the front of the bag, attached by a ring to the frame.

The interior of the bag is peach coloured patterned satin with peach coloured braid around the edging and white beading above the braid. Please note that there is some tearing on the peach coloured satin and it should be repaired or replaced.

The bag with chain (doubled) is 15 inches long and is 7 3/4 inches wide at the bottom.

There is one small section on the back of the bag where the beading is missing and the bag would benefit from the satin interior replacement and a good cleaning of the beading.

Overall, though, it is a lovely piece and would be worth fixing.

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